Alex Reid has apparently demanded £1million from Katie Price (reportedly worth £30 million) in payment to keep his mouth shut over his 11 month marriage to her.

But some reports are also coming in that the opposite is true and it is Katie Price who has offered Alex Reid a £1million gagging deal which he refuses.

Poor Alex Reid has apparently been told by Katie Price that he has done well enough out of her and earned £250,000 since writes for a magazine column as result of their union. But according to reports, he wants her to buy him a house and set him up in a business which Katie has declined to do.

It gets better.

Katie is also said to have lovingly described Alex as being "fame-obsessed" and a squatter in their marital home.

Alex in return is said to have woken up to the fact that Katie only married him for the potential money to be earned from their union and to help her get over her ex-husband Peter Andre.

This is meant to have enraged Alex Reid who has in turn refused Katie Price's £1 million gagging order and intends to get his solicitors to pick apart how much money has been made out of him and Jordan's exploitation of him.

But maybe that is not true because the media is spinning so many yarns about this annoying couple that no one knows the truth after all the looking at Alex and Jordan's continuous staged photos it goes to show that the camera does actually lie.

But Katie Price has allegedly demanded the media back off whilst she goes through this traumatic split, what? The attention monster herself wants that which has made her rich to back off when it suits her.

Don't work like that Katie….

Anyway who cares? it would not surprise me if there was some mastermind orchestrating the whole sham from their meeting to their impending divorce.

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