Yes I am afraid its true, Katie Price has married again after her husband won Celebrity Big Brother meaning their public profile will soon eclipse that of David and Victoria Beckham.

This led to a bear baiting interview on Sky for Peter Andre reducing him to tears after being questioned on how the doting father would feel if Alex Reid were to adopt his kids.

I found this line of questioning as sensitive as a peeled testicle covered in bleach, of course the man is going to be mulling over the repercussions of his former wife getting married to a man who just won the nation's biggest popularity contest.

Alex seems like a dim but decent enough and loyal chap and I am sure he will make a great father to his own biological children and Katie Price's in the absence of a father figure, but Peter Andre is an active and devoted father so to be asked the same question whilst comparing the situation to Dwight York's involvement in his son's life is ludicrous.

Peter Andre isn't the only one who will be shedding tears at this farcical marriage in a cheap and tacky Las Vegas wedding.

The British public will now be subjected to even more tripe reality television bombarding our screens and one should question the impact of constant television cameras on the children in the Price household, they might find themselves subjected to an artificial life in front of the camera in a life reminiscent of 'The Trueman Show'.

Please Alex, you have taken steps towards God so please do not allow the cameras and the devil into your home. Instead you should be the man of the house say what is what and that means bringing up children in a safe secure  house with no media intrusion.

It will be best for the children and the British public if the cameras are banned.

"What business is it of yours to poke your nose in the lives of someone who chooses to invite the cameras into their home?" I hear you ask.

Well the nature of popular television programs has a huge effect on those sitting at home watching viewing and if inviting cameras into the home for other people to sit and voyeuristically observe and pass judgment on the lives of others becomes popularised then we are in deep trouble, so any program that glamorises it should be banned.

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