Katie Price AKA Jordan and her latest victim new boyfriend Leandro Penna, are apparently looking for somewhere to live together.

According to sources, the pair are looking to snuggle down somewhere discreet and out of sight from the photographers (definitely not a reference to Jordan's cleavage).

However the twice married cultural scourge glamour model and her boyfriend are finding it rather difficult trying to find somewhere that ticks both their boxes.

Model and presenter Leandro wishes to return to his native Argentina to begin work on his own television show whilst Katie is confined to the UK making the decision all the more difficult.

Leandro must also come to terms that there will almost certainly be no wedding bells ringing for himself and Katie because she has openly renounced the idea of getting married for a third time.

According to the Daily Star,  Price said "I won't be doing that in a while – in fact, never. It's too expensive getting married and then divorced. Who wants to do that? Not me".

This mind numbing irrelevance pearl of wisdom from Price is certainly defining down the boundaries of their relationship.

C'mon sheeple, worship your celebrity idols and brush up on the gospel according to Saint Media for everlasting stupidity.

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