OK it's a false headline but it's the headline that 90% of the population would love to wake up to tomorrow. The recession and government debt are irrelevant to most people, the nation just want their circuses and their games.

It would be unfair to say that there is nothing behind Katie Price and her multi-million pound empire. Say what you will about her…she is rich.

She found her niche in the market and exploited it out of all proportion, just like her chest size and her chest size compounded with her antics is the reason for her fame.

That fame was then honed  into a a finely tuned marketing tool and she is more involved in her own Branding that many give her credit for.

Is she a congenial and true role model to the traditional family? No!

Is she a great ambassador for British culture and cultured in the arts and sciences? No!

Does she have a brain?…… cough, well perhaps!

She is Katie Price with a big pair of gazoomers and that's what has drawn a huge following to her otherwise uninteresting  life.

A large chunk of this population  are content to watch and tune into"What Katie did next" and wait with baited breath for a pearl of wisdom from her delicate mouth that butter wouldn't melt in.

And if you want proof of this then take a look at the front page of the tabloid newspapers. In a time when our economy has been on the brink of collapse, government borrowing and unemployment are at record levels our newspapers are full of trash. It does make the old conspiracymeter go off a little because a conspiracy against the population of great Britain is the only rational explanation for this absurd turn of events….it's either that or the population of Great Britain is thick.

So lets look at the second explanation, Great Britain is Thick Britain.

Why on Earth would a population be robbed  of decent news and debate in favor of a retarded tabloid press which churns out celeb rubbish for the masses to read? Could it be that the masses actually enjoy it? Do they tune into X-factor and Strictly Come Dancing in the millions? Yes they do and that may be what it all comes down to…..Market the product well, make sure it appeals to the widest range of people so it can't be intellectually too taxing and chuck it out because it makes money.

Is there a great conspiracy here? I have no idea but it looks like millions of zombies sitting in front of large screens feeding their kids micro chips on a Saturday night is the pinnacle of the British weekly calender and makes someone A LOT of money.

And yes it does have the nice numbing side effect of diverting attention away from our current economic and political predicament but this is probably just coincidental.

If its not coincidental then we are in trouble and the conspiracy is so big you will never win so you might as well join in with the circus.

Millions, old and young alike, watch Katie Price and Peter Andre's shows every week. The young want to be like her whilst the old wish they could have been like her.  I personally thank God that I missed out on such an incarnation (And for Jordan fans out there an incarnation isn't a flower) and is proof that money can't buy you everything ….. certainly not taste.

Maybe the greedy got it right!

Get yourself into as much debt as you can and don't worry the government will bail you out. Then try and emulate Katie and Peter's lifestyle spending as much money as possible as quick as you can.

As for the big bang at the end of the roller-coaster when the track runs out…pah don't even give it a second thought.

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