Leandro Penna who is the boyfriend of Katie Price AKA Jordan has verbally attacked Katie's ex-husband Alex Reid calling him a "weird freak gay".

Utilising his Twitter page, Argentinean model Leandro wrote "Alex reíd should worry ive seem video of him as a women SHOCKING it explains why @MissKatiePrice finished with him what a weird freak gay"

But this backfired and was removed from his Twitter page promptly after Jordan's gay fans took offense to the posting.

Leandro then attempted to justify the comment by posting "I am not homophobic, I have no problem with gays, it is Alex's sickening behaviour I have a problem with."

Mr Penna is referring to videos he has viewed of Alex Reid cross dressed as his alter ego Roxanne which are in the possession of Katie Price.

These days Alex Reid is  dating Chantelle Houghton blah blah blah Zzzzzzz.

Who cares? why are the lives of Leandro Penna, Katie Price and Alex Reid important to us as a society? Their exploits are gutter press front page news at a time when the world is in such a state of flux that there is a high probability we could see the end of civilisation as we know it from an economic collapse heading our way.

Why? its almost like someone is trying to keep the public dumbed down….

Doomed we are I tell you…..doomed!

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