Katie Price AKA Jordan enjoys wearing no clothes when on holidays but doesn't go to naturist beaches.

According to The Mirror, the successful glamour model, author, business woman and singer *cough* enjoys nothing more than sunbathing in the privacy of a villa in a warm country and this is the reasons she doesn't get tan lines.

She describes herself as a secret naturist and loves having oil rubbed on her body as she sits and soaks up the rays.

Katie has been in the studio with her ex-boyrfriend, Dane Bowers doing some recording so we can expect a masterpiece of cultural high art about to hit the airwaves rather soon with her dullest tones being piped into the Ipods accompanied by embarrassing appearances on daytime TV with her trying to dance.

But unlike many celebs Katie is doing it for a bit of fun so good on her and I hope she enjoys the experience.

And who knows maybe she will come out with some fantastic new ground-breaking form of music that will rewrite the rules of music, or perhaps she will just have a bit of fun in front of the microphone.

But come on people, why is this Katie Price once again all over tabloid media? Right now David Cameron is trying to convince MPs that Iran is endeavouring to Build Nuclear weapons capable of hitting London so yet that is in the eyes of the tabloid media a sideshow to what is really going on…..because what is really going on is bread and circuses for the masses as we sleepwalk into killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians once again.

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