Word has it that Katie Price AKA Jordan has decided to treat her divorce with sensitivity and serve her husband Alex Reid with divorce papers on what would have been their first wedding anniversary.

According to reports, a meeting was held at Kate's Surrey mansion in which Alex Reid finally caved in and agreed that their marriage is over and is now preparing to move on.

Apparently a friend said "She told Alex she will petition for divorce as soon as possible, which is a week on Thursday (03.02.11). He has agreed. This is one of several significant gestures on his part but he still wants to make sure he gets a good deal."

The reason cited for her falling out of Love with Alex is said to be down to his losing a cage fight to Tom "Kong" Watson and it was this that led to her realising that he was not the man for her.


If this is true then all men should steer clear of this woman. Alex fought bravely and had suffered quite a few injuries so what kind of woman would turn her back on such a courageous fighter?

She should have been proud of him.

Alex is said to be very depressed after his ordeal with Katie and the divorce, he said "It's the end of the road. I'll probably leave here with the shirt on my back and that's it. My priority now is finding somewhere to live".

Reid is said to be torn over the offers of accepting a cash settlement to keep quiet on matters relating to his time with Katie or take a lower settlement and having his say.

But it does look increasingly like the latter will prevail as a friend said "He'd rather take a smaller amount financially from the marriage with a view to profit from it in the future."

Oh and by the way the IMF has said there is the potential of civil war extending to countries outside the middle east.

Games and circuses.

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