Katie Price has received a 6-month driving ban, given 3 penalty points on her licence  and been fined £1,000 after being caught speeding in her Land Rover at 83 mph which will be her third driving offence in the past year.

Katie's legal representation told the court that Katie was trying to escape photographers who were hounding her, which is the reason that she drove at 13 mph over the speed limit of 70 mph on the A23.

However Deputy Justice Judge Ken Goldspring was not impressed by the excuse presented by Katie's legal team as reason for her speeding and said "that goes with the territory doesn't it?".

He is of course 100% correct.

Katie Price would be out of a job if photographers didn't hound her.

Imagine a world where Katie Price would not have to drive so fast to avoid photographers because they refused to photograph her. The roads would be safer and the cultural depression covering Britain worse than any snow storm would thaw slightly.

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