Glamour model and highly acclaimed author, Katie Price AKA Jordan has had a spring clean and auctioned off many of her old clothes.

eBay is the portal through which Price intends to dispose of unwanted clothes, which she has amassed over her career and the auction is on her Jordan's Closet eBay page.

Katie has recently moved into a new house with her latest boyfriend Leandro Penna and generously decided not throw her old clothes away but to give the net profits from the sale to two charities.

The lucky charitable organisations who will benefit from the auction proceeds are The Vision Charity and The Pituitary Foundation.

Old items of unwanted furniture are also up for grabs on the auction site and I am not talking about Peter Andre and Alex Reid.

On the Official Jordan's Closet eBay page Jordan writes "I have built up a massive wardrobe over the last 10 years and now its time to sort through it and sell on my outfits.

Most I have worn only once and some I haven't even got round to wearing! Each item you buy will come with an Official Jordan's Closet pre-signed postcard.

I will also be donating all the net profit from the sales to two charities close to my heart – The Vision Charity and The Pituitary Foundation.Thanks for looking and happy bidding!"

This may seem out of character for me (don't worry Economic Voice readers I am not going soft) but I am going to congratulate Katie Price for this charitable endeavour so credit where credit is due because she also does a great deal of charitable work.

So I must say a most heartfelt well done Katie…


I actually enjoyed being nice about Jordan for a change, should I be nicer to celebrities more often?

Perhaps being an opinionated miserable old man is not a good thing to be.


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