Oh dear what was she thinking? ah that's right…she wasn't.  Katie Price's performance on GMTV of her new single probably had her ex husband Peter Andre laughing in uncontrollable fits on the floor.

Alex Reid ever the gentleman will, I am sure, tell her like the dutiful (lapdog) husband that he is, how wonderful she was. Peter is probably going to use that bit of footage to cheer himself up every time there is an insinuation by the less scrupulous of journalists that Alex Reid may adopt his children (like Alex ever could).

Back to Katie on GMTV.

It was a spectacle to behold probably up there with Live Aid and VE Day in magnitude.

I am not one to point a finger at the talentless (OK I am one to point the finger but only in the nation's interest to expose these buffoons) who cover the front pages of magazines and newspapers alike but this was genuinely Priceless (Excuse the pun).

Katie's performance of  Free To Love Again live on GMTV may have just broken all known records for the funniest live television experience of all time.

But she did admit that she was doing it for fun and a laugh plus nothing serious so fair play to the girl….mission accomplished.

Katie did not hide the fact that she mimed to the song which she did not do very well (hey she wasn't taking this seriously) But it was her dancing that was the icing on the cake.

The performance  started awkwardly as Katie walked backwards in what looked like the moonwalk carried out by a drunken exotic dancer at an audition for Riverdance.

Good job the accompanying male dancers (who all looked like Steve Strange from Visage in the Fade to Grey Video) had plenty of make-up on, that performance is not something you want on your C.V.

Then her dancing went to the next stage of the choreography, which was much more advanced and quite tricky, it involved swinging her hips from side to side and errm that's it.

Oh yes and her lips were bloated to the point of bursting full of some unknown substance probably leaking from her breasts to make her look attractive (yes I am lost with that one as well).

Ah well whatever floats her boat.

Finally I will say the song should probably by listened to with headphones on so as not to inflict it's dullest tones on anyone else.

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