Katy Perry has been spotted dancing on stage with a leg support after falling over after the MuchMusic Awards. Apparently the injury sustained resulted in 17 stitches.

So what.

Why is this so important? in fact why is this being reported? And come to think of it why are Katy Perry and Russell Brand such a source of fascination?

Yet again the British and American public are being duped into thinking that controlled moral degradation is cool and young people should look up to these two individuals, why else would the press give them such coverage?

"But how are they morally degraded? All they are doing is expressing themselves and enjoying their life and sexual nature" I hear you cry.

Russell has built his reputation and a good part of his career on him being promiscuous and to be fair Katy is not quite as morally decadent as Russell would like you to believe he is.

I am sure she is a very nice homely lass who loves nothing better than making cakes for the local vicar and learning a new passage from the Bible every day.


Is it necessary for two individuals to gain so much attention with remarkably little talent. Outside of their admittedly amazing marketability there is very little of depth.

Scratch the surface of Brand and you have an ex-junkie with a crude sense of humour who desires to be perceived as a tragic Byronic figure but with sex appeal which to some extent he has achieved but it is still fake none the less.

Katy is an alrightish singer who became famous singing a terrible song about a lesbian kiss that caught the imagination of a generation without one.

There ends their importance and cultural impact.

However they are a marketing and media dream and this is why they are getting so much attention.

Everyone (inbred) wants to know what is going on in the bedroom between Katy and Russell because Russell Brand has shagged thousands of women and that makes him the world's best lover.

And Katy Perry has a very good body etc. etc…..

This is how culturally shallow we have become as a result of third rate entertainment and entertainers in a constant media bombardment.

I am sure Russell and Katy are lovely people who love each other but I don't need to have their relationship and exploits bleeping from every media outlet.

Britain has always been a Fantasy Island when it comes to isolating ourselves from reality and loving distraction then turning distraction into an art form.

But the Russell and Katy 'Brand' seem more like a Christmas Cracker joke than a Shakespearian play.

The real Lord Byron would have cut Russell Brand's heart out with his eyebrow and dissected him with a verse  for being such a fraudster to the cause.

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