As victims feel the pinch between the thumb and forefingers of crime, so too does the tax payer, yet again!  Today we see yet another example of how crime indeed does pay, another killer of those we hold most dear (our children) receives special treatment behind bars. Again we are made to cover costs as Jon Venables stays in a facility more like that of a hotel than a prison.

Venables, along with associate Robert Thompson, disgusted the world as we heard of how they had kidnapped, tortured and brutally killed the innocent 2 year old James Bulger. As we all know the two were 10 years old, they had not even reached puberty when they committed such an awful example of pre-meditated murder. Although we, as decent people, believe in human rights we may not always be happy with what this entails and, as in this case it may appal us. But human rights are there to protect us as a race from unfair punishment and suffering at both the hands of the law and those of the public.

We have seen countless times how those convicted for the worst of the world’s crimes, are given extra privileges as they are segregated from the others who are staying in Her Majesty’s hotels. Prisons may be full of criminals although some can be locked away for something as small as shop lifting. No crime is excusable but i think we can all see the size of the gap between the train and platform here. They say there is honour among thieves, that may be true but the thieves hold no respect for paedophiles and killers (of children especially). It is heart breaking to see crimes such as this happening in what is said to be a civilised world.

We as tax payers paid for these young killers to start a new life without fear of the more extreme thinkers and action takers amongst us. For some reason we decided it was the right thing to do to release them. The pair were sent back out into society on the understanding , should they so much as steal a chocolate bar they would be sent back behind the tall walls and security fences of the nearest correctional facility. Most people would meet that opportunity half way down the garden path unable to wait for it to knock. If i could actually live with myself i would never do anything illegal again, i wouldn’t risk going straight back inside those secured four walls.

We have recently been made aware that the reason for Venables’ return to such a place involved sex offences and, what’s more, being in possession of child pornography. The 27 year old has obviously not seen how truly bad and morally wrong his actions were. He is obviously in need of some sort of psychiatric intervention. We have given this criminal another chance and he has not realised how miraculously lucky he really was.

Just as we have seen recently in the case of Ian Huntley, he is by no means secured within what is one of the most secure places we know. Criminals may break the law but this does not mean all of them have lost the ability to see right from wrong. So when they are faced with someone such as Venables they are clearly aware of the difference, just as the pair were protected from the public taking the law into their own hands, so too does Venables need protection from other convicted criminals as they take whatever they can find in theirs.

When Venables arrived to serve his sentence he was not allocated a standard cell like the other prisoners. Prison staff were instructed to clear their belongings from the designated quarters, shortly after it was Venables who was to be staying there instead.  Venables now has the privilege of a 12 by 30 ft cell, Most of the time a prisoner would stay in one half that size, along with another person!

How can we teach these criminals right from wrong when we are rewarding their actions with luxuries. The killer has also been given carte blanche over the decoration of the room! So along with receiving twice what those of the other prisoners can expect, he can also customize where he serves his sentence to his own ‘taste’.  You may not want to read on if you are currently trying to conceal the throbbing vein in your forehead from passers-by. Venables is to decorate the room personally gaining ten more of our hard earned pounds a week for the work. Not to mention the 36 inch television, a lot of working people do not have a telly that size! Then he can also spend his time, not contemplating his wrongdoings, although he could be receiving a “go straight to jail to not pass go do not collect £200” card whilst playing one of the board games he also has access to,

Only fitting really.

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