Referring to those that want a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU as ‘frenzied Eurosceptics’ he said on BBC Radio Four that we should concentrate instead on ‘serious politics’.

With an interview like this you have to wonder if the venerable Ken Clarke realises that the game is up on his retaining his seat at the next election and is starting his campaign for a nice job within the EU system.

Just as the Eurozone is falling apart before our eyes and risking the EU and wider global economies this die-hard Europhile keeps banging the ever more tattered EU drum.

And as to serious politics, it was a total lack of serious political thinking by successive governments over the years that has put us in this parlous position we find ourselves in today. Not enough critical thinking was conducted in the rush to create a new European Superstate. The people of the UK had to be fooled time and again into believing that they could have the benefits of a superstate without being assimilated by it because the political classes had a different aim to the people they supposedly served.

Over those years, politicians on every side have removed their own power to run our country to the extent that every law passed has to be compatible with what foreign politicians and judges decide. And when the EU wants more money our politicians make some loud empty noises and we get poorer.

The people of the UK (well this one at least and 99% of the people I talk to) want a serious debate on our continued membership of the blood-sucking and corrupt EU that cannot even properly balance its books. Then we want a serious referendum with the result taken seriously to get us out of this now completely discredited organisation.

Ken Clarke said that it was ‘irresponsible’ to call for an EU referendum and the Europhiles say that it is the wrong time. Of course it’s the wrong time … for them, they would lose resoundingly and then the UK could start to rebuild itself without the anchor weight of the EU round its neck. It would be irresponsible not to hold a referendum.

Then when the country found out it was still capable of functioning to the complete satisfaction of its own people the EU debate would be dead and buried forever. And that is what people like Ken Clarke are so frightened of. But it is all down to the people of the UK to send that message by voting in a party at the next general election that will give them a referendum. Voting for any of the Lab / Con / Lib candidates will just mean more of the same with the EU being shoved ever further down our throats.

Ken Clarke by P. vladi

Ken Clarke by P. vladi

Image by P.vladi (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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