Kerry Katona has been spotted leaving a beauty salon wearing coordinated denim shorts and a pale green top proving that she has put her fashion disasters behind her and revealing her new slimline figure that she has worked hard to achieve since her divorce.

Kerry looked relaxed and happy after her hair cut and looked as though she had gone a shade blonder than she was before. Her flip-flops matched her tops and all in all it was a fashion success.

The 29 year old has reinvented herself as classy celebrity proving her 'divorce diet' which has seen her move more towards the salad bowl than the kebab shop has paid off.

Yup folks apparently the above information is news worthy, just take a look in The Mail.

Let me get this straight a woman who has unknown talent is getting media attention for the impossible task of wearing fashionable and coordinated cloths?

The media is hell bent on publicising the rift between Kerry Katona and Katie Price and pitching them as arch rivals seems utterly ridiculous when there is so much they have in common.

Why are they arch rivals? What is it that they are competing against each other for? (Other than media attention.)

Both women are quite clearly not the greatest singers, dancers, artists etc… why the big fuss?

Their own motivation for success in the media spotlight these days is probably a noble one and that is to support their children and to better themselves and who can blame them for it?

The problem is that the media still chooses to give these ladies who do not set the impressionable and young a good example, the coverage that a war hero doesn't receive (unless you think snorting a shed load of coke and sending rude sex messages to 13 year old boys is  acceptable behaviour and preferable coverage to commemorating those who lay down their lives in service of this country).

However Kerry has not had the easiest of upbringings and had her share of problems and should not be put down for her behaviour (Walk a mile in her shoes before criticising her).

Don't get me wrong, Kerry Katona is looking fantastic, in fact she really is looking good (her rival for media attention Katie Price comes a very poor second in the looks department)  and has done well to better herself from the overweight and out of control woman she was pre-divorce. It must have been a real tough road and no judgement should be passed by those who cannot appreciate the battle she has had.

The problem is myself and most people with more than half a brain cell really don't give a hoot and don't want to read about it.

There are so many people in the world who deserve the attention that Kerry and Katie are receiving but never get it….until the day the press actually develops cultural responsibility.

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