Former white powder vacuum cleaner, Kerry Katona has embarked on a vigorous military Boot-camp style training regime to get in shape for Big Brother.

30 year old Kerry (who is rumoured to be entering the Big Brother house with her mother Sue) is  using the the launch date of the reloaded new version of Big Brother as her goal for weight loss.

There will be stiff competition in the looks department from other potential housemates, Amy Childs and Pamela Anderson but according to reports, Kerry is looking toned and fit.

The training technique which Kerry is on is called 'beasting' and is familiar to those in the armed forces, however the term beasting does not always mean a tough training regime.

For many soldiers 'beasting' has been a form of bullying and abuse by senior officers over their junior counterparts in the armed forces.

But back to the plot.

Kerry blah blah blah blah…..

Do we really need to know what training regime a celebrity with no discernible talent is undertaking to enter a reality television program that rots the brain?

No we don't yet the gutter press is there and ready to catch every moment of the lives of the thick and famous.

The above article about Kerry is irrelevant and increased knowledge of Kerry Katona's life only benefits Kerry, her family and those who stand to directly profit form her overexposure to the media. Credit where credit is due, Kerry has turned her life around and that for that she should be praised….but not idolised in the way she is by the media.

I question what qualifies and quantifies a celebrity in our ideocracy.

OK time for some perspective.

People are starving in this world ( and undergoing extreme hardship yet their plight is limited to the second or third page whilst the faces of celebrities are thrust upon the front pages of newspapers both printed and online.

And you wonder why Britain is broken? Don't you think the media imposes values upon us through what it chooses to draw our attention to? Do you honestly think that the moral compass of great Britain is unaffected by the constant bombardment of stories focused on decadence and triviality?

Kerry Katona, Jordan etc are not the cause of anything wrong in our society but the reporting of their less than savoury exploits and personal lives is and glamorises the wrong things.

Just leave them alone…….do not take their photos and do not not write about them.

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