Indeterminably talented Kerry Katona has decided that there is more to life than opening beauty clinics and attending film premiers and is looking for a proper job.

In an interview with Star magazine, Kerry said she wants to establish herself as an actress and would love to get a role on Coronation Street.

"For me, acting is just dead easy. You're somebody else and you leave your world behind. I'd love to be in Waterloo Road or a psycho in Coronation Street!"

Speculation has been rife amongst thick people about the circumstances surrounding Kerry's departure from her former management company CAN Associates.

In interviews with various magazines Kerry has said that it had nothing to do with her taking drugs and she has categorically stated that she will never take drugs again.

Katona has a history of cocaine misuse just like half the city brokers in London but where is their bad press? and has made a remarkable turn around in her lifestyle since splitting with her ex-husband, Mark Croft.

Fans of Katona fear though that she may have fallen off the wagon after being recently pictured partying in Marbella. However Katona has admitted to having a few drinks out there but absolutely no drugs.

There are even rumours (which Katona denies vehemently) that she slept with Claire Powell's partner Neville and that is the reasons for Kerry leaving CAN Associates.

It is also rumoured that Kerry's debts to CAN Associates have been written off but nothing has been confirmed  blah blah blah ZZZzzzz ………

What a load of rubbish.

Good on Kerry for getting a job and I hope she does well, but in reality she is just joining plenty of other single mothers out there trying to scrape a living.

Do they have a chance in hell of getting a well paid job in some hideous morally and culturally cancerous soap? NO.

One cannot help feeling sorry for Kerry and proud of her at the same time but that's what money and a support network can achieve when you have the best of everything to get you back on track.

It's just a shame that the money is not available to every single mother who finds herself in a similar position to Kerry.

Kerry is lucky but there are those out there who aspire to be like her without a clue of what they are actually aspiring to be.

It's a sad world when our greatest goal in life is to be famous, especially when we desire celebrity status for who we are and not what the measure of our talent is but that's 21st century Britain for you.

Back to plot…..all in all Kerry Katona is special in as much as she is a fighter and she should be admired and recognised for that, but in that context she is just one of millions of women who have overcome adversity.

In New! magazine Kerry has said that she needs a young, single loaded man. Well Kerry if Prince Harry splits with his latest beau I am sure you will be a welcome addition to the royal household.

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