The world's classiest woman has split with her rocket scientist husband bringing all peace negotiations in the Middle East to a standstill.

Kerry Katona has jetted off to Tenerife with her children but without her husband Mark who has accused her of being unfaithful so she dumped him.

That's the interesting bit over with.

If you are lucky enough to have never watched any of  Kerry Katona's reality television shows and avoid tripe tabloid magazines then you're probably blissfully unaware of Mrs Congeniality herself.

Kerry and her estranged husband are living proof that you don't need talent to become famous because they really are devoid of both and watching them arguing on an hourly basis does not make comfortable viewing.

Before anyone says it, I am aware of Kerry's mental health issues which can lead to erratic behaviour but quaffing large quantities of alcohol and snorting half of Columbia up your nasal passages doesn't exactly help.

Apparently ridding herself of the Mark Croft is all part of her relaunching her career so that the public will love her again. She has also been to a fitness boot camp blah blah blah blah.

Why does the press stick this up as headlines?

You can't help feeling sorry for her. She is as cultured as a Mcdonald's menu and bright as a sunrise in a deep cavern but that is not her fault. Nor is it her fault that she has enjoyed a disproportionate level of fame to her talent, in fact she is just an average girl who has had a tough life who was an awful singer in whatdyaMcallit  who married Brian whatshisface from thingy.

Why though does the media continue to focus on the poor girl? Because somehow we have a section of society who look up to her.

Whatever next?

Part of me hopes she succeeds in returning to the public eye just because everyone likes an underdog story but with our culture and country disappearing down the tubes do we need Kerry Katona back in our lives, gracing our televisions and magazines?

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