Kim Kardashian has been photographed leaving a beauticians with visible signs of imperfection on her face. The photographs shown in The Mail show her skin looking natural with slight blotchiness and ever so slightly spotty.

Just before she went to her beauticians she trained hard  at her gym after having had an eight week break from exercise which may have caused toxins to be released in the skin.

Her motivation for training may be the much debated possibility of her having a romantic relationship with Gabriel Aubry who is Halle Berry's ex blah blah blah blah.

Who cares?

I for one most certainly do not but the press is determined to promote this irrelevance  so I thought I would join in with the madness and help make Kim Kardahshian slightly richer by giving her the promotion she so desperately doesn't need.

We are witnessing a global economic breakdown and political events which may destabilise world security, but Kim Kardashian has spots so we must forget such trivialities such as survival and freedom.

There is no denying Kim Kardashian is pleasing to the eye but there endeth any real reason to pay her any attention seeing as she does not seem to be displaying any signs of excelling in anything else other than looking rather good.

Ah well…

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