The Labour Party could be on the way to whipping its MPs into backing an amendment to the Finance Bill that could block a No-Deal exit from the European Union.


The Labour Party front bench looks likely to tell its MPs to vote for the amendment to the Finance Bill put forward by Yvette Cooper that would gum up the UK tax works unless we either had a deal with the EU, extended or revoked Article 50 or if parliament specifically voted for a no deal Brexit.

This effectively takes the WTO option out of the equation, if it is voted through.

Also, at the last count 209 MPs have signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling on her to specifically rule out the no-deal or WTO Brexit option.

They really do need to read the 30 point WTO fear-mongering debunking document by Lilley and Chilcott that I talked about this morning first though. I understand that this has been sent to all MPs, but I doubt they'll even open it, let alone read and inwardly digest what it contains.

Now, this finance bill amendment is just the first salvo of many Brexit destroying tactics to come in the next few weeks.

One sickening thing about this is that it removes any bargaining power the government might have.

But in reality, removing bargaining power is a side issue to Remainers. Their real aims are to get rid of Theresa May's deal and simultaneously block the no-deal option.

Remainers would then rush across to Brussels en mass and tell the Eurocrats not to offer an extension to Article 50 under any circumstances and to also block any attempts to negotiate a new deal, or just draw the talks out.

That would leave the government with only one option before the 29th March – that is to revoke the Article 50 letter and reverse Brexit completely. And be in no doubt, that is what this is all about.

You can imagine Lord Adonis, Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Anna Soubry and Tony Blair all on the same plane to Brussels comparing notes and celebrating their triumph over democracy as they travel over to do just that can't you?

The government could try and ignore parliament and let the clock tick over 11pm on the 29th March without sending the letter so forcing a WTO exit, but that really would take us into constitutionally dodgy ground.

And you can bet a Gina Miller type would already have legal action in chain to force the issue before that happened.

It's now openly politicians against the people time folks!

Some might say why not just go for another type of deal, Norway or Canada or something.

But who would lead it? Who would negotiate it? And what plan would that be?

There are probably dozens of these plans and iterations of these plans circulating about Westminster, with none of them having gained anything but minimal support.

Look, it took two years for Theresa May, or maybe the Eurocrats, to put together her stinking Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) deal and no-one likes that do they?

And we've got under 12 weeks to do it, 81 days to be exact. Who really thinks that gives us the time to come up with a whole new settled trade deal?

The reality is that, the only way for Parliament to now respect the outcome of the 2016 referendum is to ditch May's deal then force the government to use all the means it has at its disposal to conduct a managed WTO exit from the European Union.

But we Brexiteers know that the majority of our elected so-called representatives will be plotting and working until the last possible second to keep us in the EU, don't we!

Moving on, our parliamentarians may be forced to start working over holidays and week-ends in the run up to the Day the UK finally exits from the EU.

With Brexit day approaching there are now worries that parliament won't have enough time to debate the required legislation, which could they fear, lead to 'bad laws'.

This could put all weekends and the planned ten day break between the 15th and 25th February at risk.

But at least the so-called meaningful vote on Theresa May's deal will take place as planned. At the moment it's due for next Tuesday the 15th January, but we know what a movable feast this has proven to be in the past. And it might also end up just being the first of a series of meaningful votes on the subject, given the threats that the PM will keep hammering at MPs with it until they succumb.

However, it seems that parliamentary rules do prevent this bludgeoning approach by government.

According to the rules, says Labour's Remainer MP Chuka Umunna, it would be ruled out of order if it is "the same, in substance, as a question that has been decided".

Well I know what to do, let's apply that same rule to referendums! Once it's decided, it's decided!!

Finally, 34 MPs have written a letter to the Director General of the BBC. Lord Hall, asking him politely to get his presenters to stop talking about the UK 'crashing out' over the 'cliff edge' if it leaves the EU on WTO terms and suggests more neutral language such as 'leaving without a withdrawal agreement' or 'leaving on WTO terms'.

"We would be grateful if you would consider this complaint and take action on it." They end the letter with.

The fact that they have had to write to the BBC in such a weak manner says a lot about how much power the national broadcaster wields. It needs stripping of the licence fee and cutting down to size. So I'm not going to hold my breath on this one.

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