The Labour Party signalled a return to the ballot box as they swept all the opposition parties aside with an effortless win in the Barnsley Central by-election.

The results are as follows:

Dan Jarvis – Labour Party 14,724

Jane Collins – UKIP 2,953

James Hockney – Conservative Party 1,999

Enis Dalton – BNP 1,463

Tony Devoy – Independent 1,266

Dominic Carman – Lib Dem Party 1,012

Kevin Riddiough – English Democrats 544

Howling Laud Hope – Monster Raving Loony Party 198

Michael Val Davies – Independent 60

It was a former Major in the Parachute Regiment Dan Jarvis's night and it is his face that will be held high over the coming months as Ed Miliband's Labour Party begin their fightback after their disastrous General election defeat under Gordon Brown.

Yes Labour did very well in a low turn out (Only 36.5% compared with the 56.4% turnout in the general election) but it was also a good night for UKIP, who many feel will replicate their performance in the European Elections and in the next General Election.

But it was the Liberal Democrats (who even lost their deposit), which suffered the most at this by-election "Kicking"  in their relegation to sixth place falling behind the BNP.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown told the BBC radio 4 Today program "We need to keep a sense of proportion. It is not unusual for parties to take a hammering when they are in government,"

"These are tough times, they are going to be difficult for the party, it is not going to be easy, this is a moment when we have to stand firm."

When you loses to the BNP you know there is something terribly wrong with your policies. Has the Lib Dem race been punished for teaming up with the Conservatives in the coalition? Or is it a rejection of their policies? Both I suspect but for anyone with proportional representation sympathies the Barnsley Central by-election result will come as a huge blow.

But there is much for the Conservatives to fear in this result, for this is also a rejection of the coalition by the citizens of Barnsley Central.

People don't like cuts.

That is the message being screamed from the rooftops but unfortunately the truth is not being told to the electorate and that truth is simple.

No cuts = a risk on future borrowing and that means no public sector which would result in a scenario which would make the "Austerity measures" look like walk in the park.

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