With the words of Alistair Darling ringing in our ears about forthcoming cuts and the possibility of a 30% reduction in funding for universities according to Steve Smith, President of Universities UK, we can expect unemployment to rise inexorably in the near and medium future.

To then hear that the Home Office has commissioned a report looking into the use of migrant workers to underpin future government projects such as the preparations for the Olympics beggars belief.

The whole thrust of all this ‘support’ and ‘investment’ was to train and prepare the workforce for the upcoming challenges. This now appears to be a very hollow claim. As empty a claim as Gordon Brown last year promising ‘British jobs for British workers’.

The report, “Would the needs of large projects be sensibly met through immigration?” may end up conclude that it is not worth importing foreign workers but training UK workers, but somehow I doubt it. The very fact it has been commissioned should make all those Labour die-hards that think the Labour Party is for them think again.

New Labour has supported all the usual middle class icons such as universities and financial services whilst availing themselves of all the perks normally associated with the upper classes. But support for their 'own'? This report looks to me like the Labour government finally nailing the lid on the coffin of British industry.

Can anyone believe that, with the minimum wage in place, it is cheaper to import, house and pay foreign workers together with all the free healthcare etc as well as keeping the projected three million British unemployed than it is to simply train British workers?This is a miserable end for a nation that was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution as well as standing alone against tyranny in the 1940s. The engine room behind both of those was the ordinary British person.

If the government wants more immigration, more UK nationals on the dole, more social unrest and a resurgent and refuelled BNP then this is the way to do it. Or have they just decided to throw another whole generation on the scrapheap because it’s easier to bring in new blood untainted by a taste of the easy life of benefits in the UK? But when these swingeing cuts to public services come, what will become of all those that New Labour is failing?

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