Jeremy Corbyn 2 By RevolutionBahrainMC (CC-BY-3.0)

By RevolutionBahrainMC (CC-BY-3.0)

Don't laugh, but there's a story going round that the staffers on the Labour Party payroll could actually go on strike.


Now, how can this possibly be true?

The Guardian reports that staff of the so-called party of the worker, the Labour Party, are thinking about going on strike over pay and also what is being termed the ruthless management style within Jeremy Corbyn's own office.

In fact they were so angry they contemplated striking during the party's conference says the paper.

You just could not make it up could you?

Here we have a hard left party with ideas that would take the UK into a sort of Marxist stone age, whose staff members are finding themselves on the wrong end of the pay privilege divide.

The Guardian reports that:

"The dispute covers all Labour staff, including those at its Southside HQ in Westminster and in the regions, and involves both the GMB and Unite unions."

It also says that it understands that an improved offer of a 2.2% rise was made yesterday, but the staff want a rise of 3% in line with the Retail Prices Index. Bear in mind that, although RPI is still reported, it is no longer an official government statistic as it has been replaced by the Consumer Prices Index, which usually comes in lower than RPI.

Much of the anonymous Labour staffer disquiet quoted by the Guardian appears to revolve around the party chief of staff Karie Murphy, who the Guardian says got a 15% rise last year to take her annual pay to over £90,000.

One source told the Guardian:

"It’s got to the stage where people are afraid to speak up as individuals, because when you do you get sent to Siberia. When an individual has that much power in an organisation, it’s a concern."

Doesn't seem to be much practicing what you preach there, does there? Or do they think their workers are being greedy and unreasonable?

Surely in the Corbyn Momentum Labour Party everyone is equal and wealth is redistributed amongst the workers just like in the socialist state they want to turn the UK into?

Surely all those 229 Labour MPs, especially those wealthy ones occupying the front bench, can dig a bit deeper and donate more into the Labour Party coffers to help pay their downtrodden staff members?

And how about the 178 life peers and the 4 hereditary ones they have on the books? Can't they stump up some more to redress that awful rich versus poor pay gap?

And wasn't it Labour that backed that ridiculous ten hour working week idea? Why not try it with the Labour Party staff first – then we'll see how effective it is.

This is not a good advert for a political party that says, if it gets into power, it will take from the rich to give to the poor, is it?

A Labour party spokesman said:

"Labour is in negotiations with our staff on a pay offer and we are awaiting feedback from our recognised unions on the improved and final proposal we have made."

And also that:

"It is entirely false to suggest anyone has attempted to raise any grievance through the union agreed processes in relation to the Labour leader’s chief of staff."

But I do like the talk about the 'improved and final proposal we have made', that sounds very capitalist and managerial to me – the sort of talk that led to trade union convener cries of 'all out' during the 1970s.

Where's the talk about comrades and keeping the red flag flying here and giving the workers what they want because they deserve it?

Or maybe that vision is reserved for imposing on other employers and the ordinary taxpayer.

Can you imagine what Labour would be saying if it was the Tory staffers threatening strike action?


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