The Labour Party claims it will create an engine of investment and growth in Britain’s economy and drive a major expansion in good quality jobs

It says that at least a million good jobs will be created under a Labour Government to rebuild communities that have been left behind, transforming the UK economy into one that works for the many, not the few.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, and Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, will set out how they see Labour’s plans for jobs and wealth creation unleashing the untapped potential of every part of the country at an event at York Science Park on Friday 2 June.

The Conservatives have failed to give our regions, industries, businesses and workers the support they need, leaving Britain with deep-rooted economic problems which are holding Britain back, says Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn By Rwendland (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Labour says its National Transformation Fund, National Investment Bank and network of Regional Development Banks, will provide the engine Britain’s economy needs to drive investment in the infrastructure and green and cutting edge industries of the future – creating jobs, developing skills and providing support for small and medium businesses in every region.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

When Labour talks about job creation we mean decent jobs, jobs which pay a real living wage, which people can get by on, and which give people a sense of pride and purpose.

“Labour will invest to drive growth across the whole of Britain, creating wealth which is shared across our country, rather than concentrated in the hands of the few. Labour will ensure people are not held back. We will build an economy where everyone shares in the creation of wealth as well as its distribution.

“Under the Conservatives, the richest have got richer, while most people’s incomes have fallen or stagnated. Labour’s plans will make sure everyone shares in our country’s wealth.

Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, said:

Unlike the Conservatives, Labour will make full use of all policy levers to drive growth and economic development, working in partnership with the private sector and trade unions to rebalance our economy so that it serves the many, not just the few.

“Labour’s industrial strategy will have real muscle, powered by our National Transformation Fund and £250bn of investment from our new National Investment Bank and network of Regional Development Banks.

“We will deliver a million good jobs over the course of the next Parliament.

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