Despite the crippling divisions within both Labour and Tory parties, the two party state managed to see off what it sees as the upstart Nigel Farage and his brand new offering, The Brexit Party – but only just!


Lisa Forbes managed to hold on to the Peterborough seat for the Labour Party in last night's by-election caused by the recall of the previous Labour incumbent, Fiona Onasanya.

Forbes won with 10,484 votes with Mike Greene of The Brexit Party coming a very close second only 683 votes behind with 9,801 and the Tories were third with 7,243.

The Lib Dems were fourth with 4,159 votes and the Greens fifth with 1,035.

And despite all the publicity, turnout was only 48.4%.

Lisa Forbes was quick to come out with the usual establishment party glib statement that:

"Tonight’s result is significant because it shows that the politics of division will never win."

More on that in a minute.

I will just remind everyone that right at the start of this, Nigel Farage did say that without a history in the town it would be very hard but that the party would give it a shot.

And boy, did they give it a shot! A party barely months old giving the establishment a real run for its money, with absolutely no local data to go on.

The Brexit Party candidate Mike Greene said:

"We have shaken up British politics with none of the data that is necessary to win a parliamentary election. We’ve had two parties ruling for decades, that’s not happening any more."

And the chairman of The Brexit Part, Richard Tice, said:

"we have been here four weeks, they have been here 100 years, they know where the voters are, that is how it works."

The establishment will be breathing a huge sigh of relief today, hoping that this will keep the Labour and Tory two party state alive.

But back to the comments about the politics of division not winning.

How on earth does Lisa Forbes think the Labour and Conservative parties have managed to maintain their grip on UK politics for so long?

The Red versus Blue class and wealth wars are central to this whole arrangement.

Every time you get a Labour and Tory politician in the same TV or radio studio they're telling viewers how awful the other party is and therefore by inference how awful that party's supporters are.

Even by uttering those words she's dividing herself from those that supported The Brexit Party.

And why do we have voting, if not to show those divisions and then act on the wishes of the majority?

Anyway, it was a stunning result for a political party that is barely four months old and I have been told that The Brexit Party has already received some 3,000 applicants to become prospective parliamentary candidates.

This could get very interesting.

And those that went to the bookies and laid a bet for Labour? Well they'll be having a very good week-end I would think.

One disappointing thing for me though, was that the leader of The Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, opted to leave the hall just before the result was announced. He should have stayed, faced the cameras and said that this was just the beginning.

This gives the media the opportunity to give the impression that he's treating it like a failure and not the success it actually was. And this can only give Remainers and the political establishment renewed hope.

Finally, it's interesting to note that had UKIP, the SDP and the English Democrats all held back, then that would have freed up 706 Brexiteer votes. And I wonder how many Tory voters are now wishing they'd voted for The Brexit Party, so as to keep Labour out? But you could say that sort of thing about every election, couldn't you?


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