Not since World War II has the gap between the rich and poor been so great. This revelation by the National Equality Panel doesn't make good reading for the Labour party election machine as it revs up to fight for power. Labour are still behind in the polls, but are they solely to blame for this situation?

You can just imagine Peter Mandelson crossing off all the electioneering promises before he sends the troops off to the front line to canvas for Labour.

You can also imagine the Tory spin camp doing exactly the same except they have been handed a few new weapons by Labour to add to their arsenal.

Namely their dire performance in power which lends more towards pretence of national wealth in the early golden era of Blair, to the dour grey reality of Brown's government left to pick up the pieces from decisions made during the Blair years (even though the economic policies were made by Brown).

The National Equality Panel's report, which was commissioned by the government, must have tip toed out of Westminster under a Harry Potter invisibility cloak  after revealing the latest bombshell  for Labour, just in case a demented Prime Minister climbed to the clock face of Big Ben with a sniper rifle to take out the offending arbiter of bad news.

Or is this a fair rundown on the reality of the situation?

But the results of the report show that a large chunk of the damage was done in the 1980s under the guidance of the Conservatives  tenure in power. So the Cameron camp should refrain from using it as a stick to beat the government with. After all the report says "the large inequality growth of the 1980s has not been reversed".

But what Gordon Brown will be quite uncomfortable reading about is the damning report on the amount of qualified people in Britain after their 1997 electioneering mantra of "Education, education, education".

The report says "Nearly half of those of working age living in social housing have no or only low qualifications".

It seems as though after nearly 13 years of being in power  the Labour government have not been able to reverse the apparent damage done under the Conservatives and have in fact made the situation worse.

So who do you vote for?

None of the main three parties will be able to undo the economic damage done by consecutive Tory and Labour governments within 2 terms of power, the national debt is too great. Many would say that national debt and economic growth are two entirely different things but national debt will weigh like a lead weight on the economy making a true recovery a very slow and arduous one.

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