Ladbrokes is one of the most popular gaming sites around at the moment. As well as being able to log on and use the site on your laptop or computer, you can now access the site from your mobile or tablet, making gaming a lot quicker and easier.

It also now means that you can do it on the move. With gaming being so popular and so easy to access, you want to make sure that spending your money there can be as simple too. PayPal is now supported by the Ladbrokes Mobile platform – if this doesn't make it even better for gamers to play online, there are also some new features that have been updated and added to the app.

PayPal payments clear instantly and show up automatically on your bank statement so you can see right then and there what you have spent. It also has a limit of around £1500 so you can spend like crazy if you wanted too. Sending your money is now as quick and easy as sending a text or an e-mail. You don't have to worry about security as it is safer than if you were to give your account details to each different merchant you buy from. In this case it would just be Ladbrokes, but not having to enter your card details in time and again saves a lot of time and makes your gaming experience a lot less stressful. You can use your Credit or Debit card to make payments, but you can also sign up easily to a PayPal account (a lot of online stores offer paying with PayPal now as well).

PayPalPayPal has been designed to cater for the 30% of mobile customers that use this service already. It will mean more and more players use this site and hopefully reign in some more customers. With the World Cup only a few days away, Ladbrokes introducing a new game and the option to use PayPal couldn't have come at a better time. The PayPal upgrade to the app is available to Blackberry and Windows phone users as well as Android and Apple. Real-time video streaming and Automatic Login are also features on the app now that have been added. As a more personal touch, Ladbrokes have also included a quick BetSlip, quick deposit and an option for gamers to choose their start pages.

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