The walking spectacle that is Lady Gaga arrived 15 minutes late on stage at the BBC 1 Big Weekend gig in Carlisle.

Gaga did not disappoint her fans with a mediocre entrance as she chose to emerge from a coffin with a prosthetic pregnancy bump.

The show began with her hit singles Born this Way and Bad Romance played in their entirety with other hits such as Telephone and Poker Face  cut down to a verse and a chorus.

The show moved on with an unexpected twist as the music took a turn towards Jazz with Gaga introducing some Jazz musician friends of hers from New York.

Gaga went on to play Orange Coloured Sky with a rewrite on the lyrics to include a brief mention of Kate and Wills.

Then the evenings proceedings were stripped back to a more intimate Lady Gaga as she took to the piano to perform very personal songs for Gaga  that moved her to tears.

And as a finale she performed a Brian May produced song and also did versions of blah blah etc…..

Now then.

The audience was divided by the performance, some thinking it was not up to spec others lapping up the variation.

What many did not understand was Gaga was performing a more revealing set and kicking back to have a bit of fun introducing the Jazz element and stripping down songs as well as the shortened versions of her hits.

This gig was highly successful in as much as it was a condensed showcase of Gaga as an artist with many different facets and it was NOT to be perceived as anything else.

There are many vastly superior videos of her on You tube doing Poker Face but this was not about retreading old ground.

Well done Gaga….as soon as she removes the blasphemous modern from her performances (a cross on her crotch is an example as is new single Judas) she will lose that which has cheapened her.

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