Lady Gaga has confessed to having a sexual experience with more than one person at the same time in an interview with the Mojo in the Morning show.

The Bad Romance singer was asked the question after she appeared on the Saturday Night Live show where she enacted a three in a bed act with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg (Timberlake is said to have been rather shy and embarrassed at the prospect of doing the sketch).

Gaga would not name the participants of her real three in a bed or their gender but admitted that there were three in the bed which sounds just as irrelevant and mindbumbing exciting as reviews emerging of her new album.

As well as being full of catchy electronic music Born This Way definitely gives a nod towards Queen and David Bowie with a rock element very much in keeping with the English development of rock music in the 1970s and early 80s.

But the rock aspect album is not a homage to that genre but rather an excellent example of pickpocketing.

I would liken it to a young crazy Edwardian thief who is let out of a lunatic asylum who then goes on a rampage stealing bits and bobs only to turn them into a Frankenstein like creature that resembles the original form from which the composite is made however the creator's stamp is evident with the choice of subject matter and arrangement.

Speaking of subject  matter, the album has (as was predicted by myself because I am so absolutely wonderful, amazing and self righteous)  blasphemous modern references to Jesus that otherwise cheapens what would have been a great album.

Mind you what do you expect from a young lady who has been persistently told every hour of the day for the past 3 years that she is one of the greatest artists of all time?

It is possible that a mild messianic complex with a sense of invincibility may set in.

Unfortunately Gaga has continued to shock in the same way for the past few years which is actually beginning to make her predictable.

If Lady Gaga wants to hold onto her crown as the greatest all rounder of her generation then she needs a complete reinvention that will be as prolific as her initial burst onto the world stage.

But all in all its Lady Gaga is not that important in the scheme of things.

She may indeed be one of the most creative individuals to have emerged from errmmm anywhere at any time in history, BUT it is more important we turn away from all celebrities in the media and begin to focus our attention to the people in our communities and engaging with them instead of  celebrity idolatry.

We are about to find out that there is a real world out there …….. .

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