Just when you thought things could not become any more irrelevant Lady Gaga falls on stage as she fails to maintain her balance between a piano stool and a piano.

The accident occurred whilst performing the song You and I at Houston in Texas in front of thousands of Gaga fans.

Ever the professional Lady Gaga sang through the fall as though nothing had happened to ensure the musical performance remained unaffected by the accident.

The crowd did not miss the fall midway through her show and one fan present at the show said "It looked like real nasty fall but she just carried on, Gaga I love you".

Well done Lady Gaga…..she really is one of the greatest 'artists' of the past 40 years and eclipses many of her idols even though her overly sexual overtones do not sit well with Christian values her talent is still undeniable and reaches across not just music but also into the world of fashion, art and  video.

But is this really important? The mainstream media seem to think this is worth putting on the front page of newspapers taking priority over  unimportant news like the radiation severity level being raised at the Fukushima plant from level to level 7 from level 5 (now the same as Chernobyl).

Brain-dead Britain soldiers on…..

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