It seems that in today's age of austerity, even the American Dream is suffering a little at the hands of whoever holds the purse strings, with the latest financial crisis closing many national services.

Washington's decision to shut down the government due to their extensive "discussions” over the annual debt ceiling had bought the misery of indefinite, unpaid leave to around 800,000 workers in the US. The knock on effect of this enforced mass vacation is that many regular tourists are no longer able to enjoy their own personal vacation as national parks and monuments are left unstaffed and unopened. However, as highlighted by National Geographic decision to open its doors to government employees for free, one man's mistake is another man's opportunity.

Boston Freedom Trail (PD)Boston or Bust

The car park to the Grand Canyon may remain closed for the time being but tourists can still enjoy a few famous sights that have escaped the wrath of the financial Freddy Krueger. Boston's Freedom Trail seems to be living up to its name and the Freedom Trail Foundation is offering a full programme of tours along the 2.5 mile walk.

The red brick road that winds its way through downtown Boston is packed with a history that begins to tell the story of the American Revolution and the brave people who shaped the nation. A total of 16 significant sites including the Massachusetts State House, the Bunker Hill monument and the USS Constitution all remain open for tourism during the shutdown. For those wishing to take advantage of the guided tour, the complex history of this proud nation is brought to life with period actors playing out historical battles and other scenes. Tour guides are made up of significant members of the revolution allowing you to experience this great period of history in vivid detail.

So, for tourists looking to enjoy as much of the US as possible during the shutdown, Boston is almost certainly the place to be. The city itself is jam-packed with history and culture but after that 2.5 mile hike, it may be worth taking advantage of a limousine service in Boston to really show those bickering politicians in Washington how to spend money.

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