'The Only Way is Essex' stars Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope have split up not long after jointly going under the knife for rhinoplasty.

For the benefit of the cerebrally challenged TOWIE fans, Rhinoplasty is a nose job.

Lauren said on Twitter "'Yes unfortunately me and Kirk have broken up…thanks for so many lovely messages this morning it means a lot and yes we are still friends xx"

So it looks like 23 year old Kirk Norcross and 27 year old Lauren Pope won't be walking down the isle together. Their management team at Blacksheep Management have said 'Blacksheep Management today sadly announce that the relationship between Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross has broken down.   'Unfortunately, Kirk no longer felt committed towards Lauren and decided the right decision for both parties was to separate. No other party is involved in this decision, and they hope to remain friends moving forward.'

For those out there who have never heard of the program or watched it, The Only Way is Essex is a ground breaking reality television show that blurs the lines between genuine reality television and slightly convoluted reality television.

This blurring of lines between reality and the world of fantasy is achieved by using real people without the traditional learning of lines format. Instead a sort a of ad-lib  goes on within their own lives……well its something like that anyway.

Who knows, the whole thing could be completely made up with just bad actors.

I would hazard a guess that the program is targeted towards really thick chavs. But I may be wrong here and there may be something that I am completely missing in the show such as subtle nuances within the interactions of the cast that direct the human soul to enlightenment.

Having forced myself to watch 2 episodes of TOWIE it is hard not to be impressed at the blurring of reality with fiction yet one cannot help but feel the show is indicative of the dumbing down of society.

I am sure that other than Lauren and Kirk, someone with a face-full of burger and chips is very upset by this news but in the real world it is not an important event. Yet the on-line and printed gutter press is more than happy to point out this event as if it were of some significance.

His and hers nose jobs????? for goodness sake….

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