Dr Richard North joins the Leave.EU team

Leave.EU has announced the recruitment of Dr Richard North, one of the country’s foremost Eurosceptic thinkers, as an adviser on their policy team.

Dr North is highly respected within Eurosceptic circles, having written a number of influential books and policy documents over the last twenty years.

The news was welcomed by Andy Wigmore, the campaign’s Head of Communications:  "We are bringing the best brains from across the Eurosceptic movement on board to help put together a credible and comprehensive exit plan, and Richard will be an integral part of that.  He has spent years scrutinising the EU, so being able to benefit from his knowledge and experience will be hugely important in developing a Brexit strategy which can win the confidence of the British people."


Leave.EU co-founder Arron Banks added that he had “enjoyed some very colourful discussions over the last few months with Richard, and I believe his work has laid the foundations for a plan we can present public as a realistic and truthful vision of how a Brexit will look.”

“With the Eurosceptic movement’s finest minds on our team we feel more confident than ever that we can present a clear, credible plan that will win people’s trust and expose the idle threats which make up the remain campaign’s Project Fear for what they are.

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