There has been much debate about the current Government’s controversial discussions to host a referendum in 2017 to decide on Britain’s future within Europe; however research from prepaid currency card provider, Caxton FX, has highlighted that Britons are weighing up more than just the socio-political impact.

In an interesting twist for Euro sceptics, a survey of 2,000 British adults, conducted by OnePoll for the foreign currency experts, has revealed that leaving Europe might improve tourism with the continent, as 17 per cent of Brits state they would be more likely to holiday on the continent if Britain left the EU.

A further quarter (24 per cent) commented that they feel Europe would be a better value holiday destination if the UK voted to leave.

Key regional stats:

* This sentiment was particularly pronounced in the West Midlands, Wales and North West where 24%, 21% and 20% respectively agreed they would be more inclined to travel to Europe if the UK left the EU.

* Brits in Northern Ireland and Wales were the most convinced that Britain leaving the EU would make Europe a better value holiday destination with 30% in each country respectively.

James Hickman, Managing Director, Caxton FX commented: “Party disputes and issues over British sovereignty aside, many people feel an EU referendum could provide a boost for sterling’s against the euro, ultimately having a positive impact on the British pocket. So it is no wonder that many people believe leaving the EU would make the continent better value for British holidaymakers, and would subsequently make them more likely to holiday abroad.

EU Flag -

EU Flag –

What consumers really need to start feeling is that the Government’s austerity squeezes are having a positive impact on the UK economy, and the public pocket. Britain’s politicians need to realise that public sentiment over Europe goes deeper than the noise made by UKIP. For many, their decision will be influenced by how this referendum would improve their everyday life, increase their disposable incomes, and give them more of an opportunity to go on that much needed break in the sun.”

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