The legendary actor who played the role of Spock has hang up his pointy ears for the last time, dashing all hope for Trekkies that he will return for the next the Star Trek.

Nimoy feels that now is the right time to quit acting and make way for Zachary Quinto who played the young Spock in the last Star Trek Film. Zachary will carry the torch for character of Spock in the next Star Trek film and his predecessor is more than pleased that the character of Spock will live on beyond his retirement from acting.

"I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I've had a great great time" said the 79 year old actor who has played the part of the emotionally suppressed Vulcan since 1966 when  Gene Roddenberry first brought the Sci-Fi classic onto the small screen.

Nimoy will also be ending his days making appearances at the Sci-Fi conventions where he is a huge attraction and is rightly treated like Sci-Fi royalty.

Nimoy has earned millions from his role as Spock "Since Star Trek began, I've never had to worry about where my next job was".


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But he wasn't always comfortable with the way Nimoy the actor and Spock the character had become inseparable, which is understandable. Imagine having to live for over forty years with strangers coming up to you and giving the Vulcan salute and saying "Live long and prosper", it might get a little tedious.

He even wrote an auto biography in the 1970s entitled I am not Spock, but he revised that book in the 1990 to I am Spock as he became fonder of the character he had become rich from playing.

I have to say it is nearly impossible to watch an interview with Nimoy and separate the man from the character, perhaps its because we love them both so much.

Have a good rest Leonard.

Live long an…………………….

Forget it.

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