Just as statistics released under a Freedom of Information Act request are published showing that 1,549 schools in England have less than 50% English speaking pupils, Gordon Brown pledges that all public sector workers will be expected to speak English.

As reported in the Express, one in seven primary school pupils, nearly 500,000, do not have English as their primary language. In secondary schools this is one in ten pupils or 364,000. This is reportedly putting a huge strain on the education system.

The problems are more acute in London, the normal stop off point for immigrants. But there are similar problems in Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester, Manchester, Lancashire and Kirklees.

The Conservatives blame this on Labour’s ‘open-door’ immigration policy and Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch UK said: “These figures are unmistakable evidence that, in some parts of England, mass immigration is splintering our society. The only solution is to get immigration down to manageable proportions.”

With the upcoming leaders’ debate on Thursday, which is going to be about domestic affairs, the focus for the next few days will be on such things as immigration, education and policing.

Labour are also pledging to give people the power to replace failing police chiefs, merge one third of secondary schools to spread the benefits of existing reforms, increase the minimum wage, implement new measures to tackle youth unemployment, guarantee levels of public service and let people go private at public expense if the NHS cannot provide a timely service.

The Tories want to open GP surgeries until 8pm seven days a week, scrap national targets and empower people locally to take decisions that affect them directly.

But on the language problem, this is a result of foreign people arriving here being unable to speak English. But the only control over immigration we have as a nation is over the numbers of those arriving from outside the EU. If many of these people are arriving from within the EU then it is something we are just going to have to accept and find a solution for.

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