So how do we create a universe? Well scientists have recently found out the answer to that very question. Ever since time began we have been wondering how we actually got here. That is after we had finished running from pre-historic beasties. To conduct the experiment out in the open would be not only utterly stupid but nigh-on impossible. So within the heart of this beast, which is in this case the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN), the big bang was to be recreated on a much, much smaller scale. (Well, we do value our existence after all.)

This is a major step in the evolution of scientific research. Although I do hope this is one scientific advancement that we do not eventually use for the wrong reasons. The military use of atomic power springs to mind. Although the LHC process is quite different from the unmoderated collisions of neutrons in Uranium or instant criticality in Plutonium causing nuclear explosions.

Including all the preparations, the LHC experiment cost us an amazing $9.4 billion. Inside the collider protons were propelled at speeds close to the speed of light at each other from opposite directions.

There were two attempts before they saw success. The protons travelled 16.8 miles around the doughnut shaped collider, the journey reaching an end as the positive elements of the atom collided with each other. I suppose being inside a collider this is a good example of the phrase; “does exactly what it says on the tin”.

Somehow I do not think we, as humans, being individually of such large of mass could achieve speeds of seven Tera-electron-Volts (TeVs). Suffice to say if we did we would be slightly more than just sick. The team had just reason to be excited at their achievements. Paola Catapono spoke on behalf of CERN:

This is physics in the making, the beginning of a new era

At six minutes past one in the afternoon the team at the site near Geneva saw what was the equivalent to the big bang. As 20 billion protons crashed headlong into each other at unimaginable velocity causing microscopic explosions or bursts of energy.

The event was recorded on computers which displayed the results in graphica form on their monitors. This historic, once unthinkable event nearly stayed that way when the collider broke down in 2008. This is to be the first example of what has been dubbed ‘first physics’. It is now down to scientists and researchers the world over to study the results in hopes of finding the legendary ‘God Particle’ or as it is know by professionals as the ‘Higgs boson Particle’.

This event took place at temperatures far colder than the human body can withstand – a chilling 271 degrees Celsius or just two degrees above absolute zero.

The God Particle is thought to be the answer behind how particles and therefore matter comes to acquire mass. How indeed the answer to how big bang created the universe and made matter itself in the split seconds following. We could also soon see dark matter or dark energy, (invisible to you and me) being revealed.

It has been believed that the universe is much like a photo album or video recorder, in that it remembers everything that has ever happened to it. Just as a photo exists and keeps a record that you too did exist on your 5th birthday. The universe does the same. I myself could understand how something such as a ghost (ok, just hear me out please) can come to materialise. It could be explained by the fact that it is actually a recording of an event that has happened previously and has somehow slipped from one plane or moment in time to another. This to me would be the same as dark matter. It is a mass of particles that does in fact exist although, it exists in another time. Either before or after the one we are currently in. If you have ever heard the expression; “a rift in the space time continuum” well that’s sort of what I see this to be. When the big bang…ummm….went bang?? (or rather the sound of the explosion was lost in the ether) the force of it was enough to open a portal or hole between one existence and another, allowing matter that existed elsewhere to start existing….hmm….elsewhere??

Maybe this is what this dedicated team of 2000 scientists have achieved?

The universe is a big place, we cannot possibly imagine what infinite actually is, as here on earth everything at sometime comes to an end. I have tried and I landed up with a rather large headache! When we see a twinkling star it is the flashing light it created as the star burns out we see. Although as the source which created this light is so far away by the time the light reaches us the star has long since vanished. This is just the same concept as the delayed reception on your television or the time taken for the sound of an event happening far away to reach you. So we are seeing an event that probably happened tens of thousands or millions of years ago.

I hope for our sakes that we start to use a larger portion of our brain before we go any further. As who knows what we could create, we surely could not have a full understanding of it? Furthermore what if it went wrong somewhere down the line? How can we stop something we can’t even understand!

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