Singer Lily Allen has announced that she is pregnant and expecting her first child with 32 year old boyfriend Sam Cooper .

Lily told the news to friends and family (and everyone) after her 3 month scan and both parents are delighted with the  prospect of impending parenthood.

The 25 year old singer does not feel she is too young to have children and is very much in love with decorator/builder Sam who she describes as a normal bloke blah blah blah blah.

It's hard to imagine that the fresh(ish) faced singer/party animal who first came to prominence with the single 'Smile' in 2006 is going to be a mother but good on her and congratulations from us all at The Economic Voice.

I usually hate news that has no bearing on anything important such as the highly publicised media coverage of the exploits of every reality television star however news of a new life is always to be celebrated so let's all raise a glass (or two … or maybe the bottle) to Lily Allen and Sam Cooper and their forthcoming arrival.

Lily Allen may not be your cup of tea and she is not the greatest artist of all time , not even close to the greatest artist within 100 yards of where she lives (my daughter would disagree there) but she is far from void of talent.


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