Lindsay Lohan burst into tears after Beverly Hills Supreme Court Judge Marsha Revel read out her sentence for violating her probation by her repeated ignoring of her court order which stipulated she must attend alcohol education classes.

Well this just goes to show that just because you're a famous celebrity does not mean that you are above the law.

Lindsay informed the judge that she was taking her alcohol education classes seriously but work commitments got in the way.


Does taking alcohol education classes seriously involve appearing drunk as a boot falling out of taxis and partying in full view of the press? Lindsay Lohan's escapades in London alone are enough to rub the judge's nose in it.

I bet Marsha Revel was itching to pull out pictures of Lindsay's exploits which are well documented in the press.

Hey! I could be wrong, she could very well have been drinking mineral water and become very tired through her eerrrrmmmm extensive work schedule?

But who knows.

Whereas one can imagine that there are pressures in Lindsay's line of work there must also be clarity over this matter and the clarity is very muddy through numerous interpretations and conclusions which can be drawn from Lindsay's media portrayal.

Who are we to judge?


She was caught drinking and driving and friends of hers have expressed concern over Lindsay's lifestyle in recent months which includes high drink and drug use.

Now then.

We may all think that drink driving isn't that bad a crime in comparison to let's say the charges against Chris Brown with regards to his violent relationship with Rihanna but try telling that to the families of deceased victims of drink drivers.

If Lindsay were to repeat such a crime it could be fatal for some innocent victim of her irresponsibility.

THAT is why the judge wishes to see her fully rehabilitated.

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