Photographs have emerged of Lindsay Lohan holding a syringe in her hand looking as though she is about to inject the contents of said syringe into her arm.

The photos were printed just hours after Lindsay was released from jail on bail which cost the princely sum of £190,000.

These photos go to show the potential extent of Lindsay's drug taking or do they? No real conclusion can be drawn to exactly what is going on in the photograph seeing as she is not actually injecting nor is the content of the syringe determinable.

In other words Lindsay just got some more free publicity from the press and the young, thick and impressionable will be influenced by the actions of someone who really is not that important and does not set any kind of example for anyone.

Lindsay just failed another drugs test and ended back in jail so why is it that the press seem hell bent on promoting someone like this?

Leave here fall into obscurity and don't take any photos or write about her.

Was she such a great actress to warrant this kind of media attention? Does she eclipse lesser known actresses because she has a greater talent then they do?


She is a fallen from grace actress which makes her a media dream and the public have been duped into following her every move because she is on the front cover of the papers.

The worst part of this is that she has a sort of elegantly wasted demeanour in the photo. And that is what will make some kids think that sticking a needle into your arm filled with heroin and goodness knows what they have mixed it with is a cool thing to do.

Heroin kills.

As a musician I have been in the drug filled environment that many aspire to and seen what Heroin has done to major talents. So I am aware of the tragedy of Lindsay's predicament but reporting these matters only glamorises them as they are perceived as part of the lifestyle of celebrities.

Plenty of Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse wannabes out there who never made it past the first hurdle of fame and had their morsel of talent robbed because they decided they should take drugs before making music.

The press needs to wake up to this fact and grow a conscience.

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