According to an article in The Mail, Lisa Snowdon fears the time may be against her when it comes to settling down, marrying and having children. The revelation that she wanted to have children hit home hard when she was in Egypt on holiday watching a young family sharing a loving moment.

Oh dear the poor girl.

There she is, wealthy, beautiful with a plethora of choices in life, men falling over themselves to meet her and she has chosen her career over having a family.

Live with it or do something about it but don't moan about it when you have everything going for you.

If having a family meant that much to Lisa she would leave the path in life that she has chosen and find the right man. Forget the busy schedule, forget the next photo shoot because if a woman wants a family and a man she may need to fish in the right ponds.

Narcissistic pretty boys, rich older men, Mark Croft, they are all out there.

Men are not in short supply, couple of billion of them roaming around actually so how hard can it be to attract a man if your one of the most attractive women in the world?


Apparently Lisa finds it difficult to socialise in order to meet that special someone!

What? Join a dating agency.

I think all this may be down to standards. After all she did date George Clooney (voted the most desired man on the planet on numerous occasions) for a couple of years so what do you expect?

Lisa forget the busy lifestyle, walk out of whatever job you're doing right now and go to the pub (and not your glamour pubs but some decent real ale pub), sit there by the bar, strike up a conversation and see what happens.

Good luck…….but I have a feeling you won't need it.

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