Stacey Averr
(Aged 7 and ¾)
Number 36

Gordon Brown,
Number 10

Deer Prime Minster,

I hope you are feeling OK today.

I have borowed my mummies computer to write to you because i want my mummy and daddy to be happy again.

Last night when my mummy and daddy thought i was asleep they started shouting rude words at the telly. It made me cry.

Daddy said he would go down to number 10 and punch you on the nose if you kept kwantiffeezing even if he got arrested and put in prison. I thought Mrs Gyles lived on her own down the road at number 10. I have been there loads of times and never seen you. Are you a troll? Do you live in the cupboard under the stairs? I don’t want daddy to be arrested and put in prison so please can you stop kwantiffeezing? Then daddy can stay at home and look after me and mummy.

Mummy said that you have borowed too much money and we can’t afford to pay it back. She said you are a complete fukwit. Why did you borow so much of my mummies money? She needs money to buy our food. I don’t want to be hungry you fukwit.

Mummy told me you want to raise taxis and make us all pay more. I don’t want to go by taxi. I want to go by bus with my friends or use my bike to go to school.

Why are you doing these things? don’t you like my mummy and daddy? Why are you picking on them? I just want to us to be happy. Please don’t do these things.


Stacey Averr

S. Averr (aged 7 and ¾)

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