Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne have been spotted kissing and canoodling on a romantic break in LA fuelling speculation that their relationship is back on.

Shane Warne, who split with his wife Simone and has been linked to many women over the years, has managed to win back Liz Hurley after it transpired that he may have been flirting via texts with a married woman which caused himself and Liz to break up.

45 year old Liz Hurley herself having recently split with her husband of three years Arun Nayar, mentioned the jaunt to LA on twitter saying "I've been here on business – some of it monkey".

A guest at the same hotel as them said "They looked very taken with each other" and "They were very happy, like two teenagers".

The couple were also spotted snogging in a Range Rover and and being openly affectionate over lunch and in the streets.

So it looks like Liz has forgiven Shane Warne for his texting indiscretion but it does make you wonder about the validity of these rumours regarding celebrities such as the rumours surrounding Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley, after all who would imagine someone using their celeb status to further increase their public exposure?

In what world does a woman forgive a man with a womanising reputation who's eye wanders at the beginning of the relationship?

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