Liz Hurley has dumped Shane Warne after revelations that he has sent over 100 naughty texts to a designer store owner. But after her humiliating affair ended in tears she has decided that Arun Nayar is the man for her after all.

Shane Warne is said to be devastated by losing Liz Hurley and apparently regrets blowing his chances with the model and actress.

According to reports,  Warne's rude texts to married Adele Angeleri led to her angered husband phoning Shane Warne and warning him to stay clear of his wife.

It looks like Liz Hurley has no time for Warne (who is said to have slept with over 1000 women) and his womanising ways.

Liz has, according to reports, been phoning her husband Arun Nayar and begging him to take her back and call off the divorce but Arun is not interested in Liz's pleas and is supposed to have warned her about Shane Warne's wandering eye and penis just before the affair hit the press.

Arun Nayar has also been photographed with a mystery woman adding weight to speculation that a reunion is highly unlikely.

Like this is really important news….ah well the thick and unwashed must have their sports and games.

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