Liz Hurley has split up with husband Arun Nayer and is said to be madly in love with Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

To defuse any speculation that she is having an affair behind her husband's back, 45 year old Liz Twittered that she split up with Arun  months ago however did not comment on her relationship with Shane.

Nayer and Hurley married in March 2007 after she spilt up from her husband Steve Bing with whom she has an eight year old son, Damian.

Mr Warne, who has a reputation as a womaniser, has himself acknowledged that he has spilt up with his wife Simone using Twitter to direct his followers to a statement in his own Website which confirmed the split.

Shane and Liz have been pictured and photographed together recently and by all accounts they are more than just friends with some media speculating that they are getting serious.

Liz's Ex partner Hugh Grant was also seen giving Shane a kiss outside a restaurant in London and Liz is said to have shared a hotel room with Warne when he came to London for interviews relating to his new television Show Warnie.

The £1,750 per night suite Bentley hotel in South Kensington which she is supposed to have stayed the night at is less than a mile from her London home.

However Arun Nayer has been spotted on the phone smoking a cigarette outside his country house in the Cotswolds looking very worried.

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