With the local government elections and alternative vote referendum coming tomorrow there is much talk of a LibDem collapse at the ballot box and a solid win for the 'no to AV' vote.

As an update to the results we published here, the following may make interesting reading.

Firstly on the adoption of the Alternative Vote for future parliamentary elections. The result of which will be binding on the government, ie if the vote is 'yes' then we will gave AV at the next general election.

This poll does not fully reflect the question we will be asked in tomorrow's referendum as the issue of full proportional representation was also included as well as AV and first past the post (FPTP). At the end of last moth the poll stood at 62% for PR, 20% for FPTP and only 18% for AV. This has changed in the last few days with PR dropping to 59%, FPTP gaining two points to 22% and AV gaining one point ending on 19%. This still looks like a victory form the no change lobby.

Where the standings of the parties are concerned it still looks like the LibDems are in for a very torrid time. The Conservatives have now closed a four point gap on Labour and they are running neck and neck at 21%. UKIP are still lying third but have dropped seven points to 16%. The LibDems are languishing way back equal with the Greens on 4%, both worryingly with half the score of the BNP in fourth place, who has 8% (down from 10% last month).

As ever this is just one poll and going into the voting booth always concentrates the mind a little.

One quirky point is that 5% voted for 'none'. Now surely if they are voting for none then they wouldn't vote in a poll? Or maybe they would if there was a 'none of the above' box?

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