Reformed pension rules, dismal interest rates, buoyant Sterling and depressed European housing markets – all favourable conditions for overseas investment that have led to the publication of the Overseas Property Investor Guide, a jargon-free guide aimed at helping first-time investors in foreign real estate markets.

The new Overseas Property Investor Guide, published by the Overseas Guides Company, is launching at this week's Property Investor and Homebuyer Show. The Overseas Investor Guide will complement its stand at the London event with free copies of its new Guide, where visitors will also be able to check out the latest investment opportunities and subscribe to its fortnightly investment focused e-newsletter.

"Thanks to the new rules, pension pots are becoming more liquid," said Angelos Koutsoudes, Head of the Overseas Guides Company. "The choice of investment vehicles for pensioners has suddenly opened up, and we expect a large portion of people to channel capital into property investments, both abroad and at home, which offer capital appreciation and higher yields compared to typical annuities or savings accounts. There will be many retirees and people close to retiring who want to explore this route, and our new guide and team are here to assist them.

"Looking at just the UK market," continued Koutsoudes, "the effects of the Mortgage Market Review which kicks in at the end of April is expected to trigger further demand in the already bullish buy-to-let market."

Obidos villas Portugal by Osvaldo Gago via Wikimedia Commons

Obidos villas Portugal by Osvaldo Gago

UK buy-to-let is an increasingly popular choice of investment for British people who retire abroad. It brings in income and allows expats to retain a Sterling asset. Typically, a retired couple will downsize when they move abroad, selling the UK family home and buying both a smaller overseas home and a rental investment in the UK. "It's a simple model that works for many, but we'd also encourage people to explore the option of investing in an overseas buy-to-let or other type of property investment, as they can often work harder for your money."

The other types of investments being promoted by the Overseas Investor Guide are those with a lifestyle element. Koutsoudes concludes: "This means they offer some kind of personal usage, so the owner gets enjoyment out of their investment, as well as financial benefit. This could be investment in a hotel scheme, or American-style condo resort or simply buying in a managed complex where the management company reserve the owners a set number of weeks each year. There's lots of choice these days, but our Guide will help people narrow down their realistic options and make an informed investment decision."

The Overseas Property Investor Guide can be downloaded for free by visiting The Guide and investment opportunities will be available on Stand 355 at the Property Investor and Homebuyer Show, which takes place 11th-12th April at ExCeL in London.

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