Moving to London for a period of time is often considered a rite of passage by young Australians. With London considered to be a gateway to the rest of Europe it makes the perfect base for travelling. But the appeal of moving to the other side of the world may be misinformed according to a recent survey carried out by The Reputation Institute.

In The Reputation Institutes latest survey to rank the world’s top 100 most reputable cities Europe certainly dominated the top 10. However, it was Sydney that made it to the top spot with London trailing behind and only just making it into the top ten …

The survey ranked the top 100 most reputable cities according to a number of attributes including perceptions of safety, the cultural, gastronomy and entertainment offering. London was beaten in each of these categories by a number of European cities such as Stockholm, Zurich and Edinburgh. But why was London pipped to the post by these other cities?

Expedia have been wondering the same thing so they put this London Vs Sydney guide together. London or Sydney? Which do you prefer?

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