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Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 30th August 2018

The French President and ardent EU federalist, Emmanuel Macron, wants the UK to be in an outer 'concentric circle' form of partnership with the European Union.

He is aiming to use the EU summit in Salzburg, Austria to explain his idea of having 'concentric circles' of alliances, with the Eurozone and EU at the center.

This is being interpreted by some as a move towards the UK, but it sounds more to me like an attempt to keep the EU orbiting and tied to the EU. But the Independent reports that the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, says the bloc is ready to "offer Britain a trade deal unlike any it has ever offered another country". Not seen much evidence of that so far – and you have to wonder what May, Robbins and Raab have quietly given away to extract that statement from Barnier.

The UK Prime Minister, Theresa may, visits Nigeria to to boost bi-lateral relations and trade (video):

While the Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, gets a grilling from members of the House of Lords (video):

Panasonic is to move its Europe headquarters out of the UK and into Amsterdam. "The aim is to avoid potential tax issues linked to the UK's decision to leave the EU, said Panasonic Europe's chief executive Laurent Abadie." Says the BBC. It is driven by the fear that the UK could cut taxes making Japanese authorities consider it a tax haven so increasing the tax they pay in Japan. According to Nikkei Asian Review, those employees engaged in auditing and financial operations would move, but investor relations would remain in the UK.

It seems that some lifelong Tory voters are not being allowed to join the party for fear of 'entryism' by Boris supporters. That's not very clever is it?

And the Tories believe that UKIP members and supporters are joining the Conservative party to influence any future leadership election and to get the party to adopt a more hardline Brexit stance. But the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten says he is not aware of any such moves and would not condone it:

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