It is undeniable that there is money to be made on the internet. From a few extra quid a month right through to a full income and more, much is achievable.

The generally accepted main ways of earning money over the internet are:

1.   To sell goods (real and downloadable) and services direct to visitors to your site. This can be done by setting up and hosting your own site or maybe using a free system like Blogger or WordPress.


2.   Use an affiliate system or network to entice your readers to click on adverts taking them to another site where they can buy those goods and services.

Of these the second method appears very attractive as you can build a site around your own interests and choose affiliate adverts that will complement your content. Or better still allow an auto affiliate system such as Google Adsense to do the work for you.

Many people however find themselves distracted by social networking sites such as Facebook or microblogging systems like Twitter . Some people spend many hours a day reading and swapping articles, notes and trivia with ‘friends’ they have never actually met.

The social networks then load the pages with ads and earn the revenue on the work of its membership.

There are however some social networking sites that share the revenue with their members. So people can chit-chat about this and that and allow the system to generate income for them. Sites such as MyLot, Gather and Yuwie provide this type of service.

There are usually quite tight terms and conditions that preclude the use of this type of site for business purposes. But for someone who restricts themselves to the spirit of the site they may be rewarded by a steady trickle of income. Maybe not a huge amount but welcome nonetheless.

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