The Belgian Prime Minister, Herman Van Rompuy, is the new front-runner for the EU presidency and wants the EU to start raising taxes in its own right. He made the comments at a meeting near Brussels of the secretive Bilderberg group, where top politicians, business people and bankers get together. The EU President of the European Council will be chosen on Thursday 19th Nov. Tony Blair is still in with a chance.

This is yet more evidence of the lack of transparency in the inner machinations of the EU. Rimpuy is proposing the raising of green taxes to pay for EU wide social programmes. The revenue will of course be raised from the wealthier states and redistributed. We are seeing the start of a whole new EU-wide welfare state.

This proposal should alarm everyone across the EU. Rompuy is obviously a federalist and will work towards it during his tenure, if elected. This without the democratic will of the people. The Union is being rammed down our throats to the delight of the relatively few people who believe in this approach.

Who will decide what taxes we pay and at what level? What representation does the ordinary EU citizen have? The EU gets ever larger and more powerful but also grows more distant day by day. I am beginning to feel like those who were at the far flung limits of the Roman Empire, or being taxed in America by the British without control over where the taxes went (look where 'taxation without representation' got us then).

In the beginning trade was going to be used to improve the lot of Europeans, it has now evolving through political control into economic control. For those that value their nation state, there are very dark clouds gathering. David Cameron must pledge a full referendum for the people of the UK on this issue if the Tories win the next election.

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